Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mission 3

For those of you that do not wish to complete the heist, and simply gain access to the loot, the code is 6038 (highlight to view the code). For those of you that do wish to complete it, please visit this page on the MacHeist Wiki for a walkthrough.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Mission 2

For those who do not have time to do the heist, the vault code is 8382. If you would like to do the heist, a walkthrough follows below.

The walkthrough can be found at the MacHeist Wiki. It was not created by any one person, but a collaboration between many MacHeist users.

Friday, December 7, 2007


I have received several criticisms involving posting only the vault code, and not a walkthrough. Rest assured, a walkthrough will be added in the near future, and they will also be added to future posts.

I do agree with the majority of people on the fact that actually doing the heists are most of the fun of MacHeist; however, many people come to MacHeist only for the free software, without wanting to actually do any work. I do not wish to alienate or aggravate either side of the argument by my postings.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I will not be able to write the walkthroughs myself. I will, however, post those that have been written by another member, with full credit given to the author.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Heist 1

For those who do not wish to finish the actual heist, the code is 1462. For those who do, a walkthrough excerpted from a post on the MacHeist Forums by R031E5, originally posted here, is posted below.

Disclaimer: I did not write this walkthrough. Any errors in it should be directed to R031E5 on the MacHeist forums.

The message quotes "Upon the Looking Glass", if you google that, the second result points a torrent at thepiratebay.
If you download the torrent there are 2 fiies, a "*** BURNME ***.dmg" and a "*** README ***.bf" file.
The "*** README ***.bf" file is (of course) a bf file that can be read by a bf interpreter (sorry for the redundancy). There's an online bf interpreter, input that file and you'll get the string "SECURELOL", that's the password for your DMG file "*** BURNME ***.dmg".
If you mount the DMG file, you'll see 2 folders, a VIDEO_TS and a AUDIO_TS folder, those are the characteristics of a common DVD. You can open a VIDEO_TS DVD folder in VLC (, if you open it you'll get a video that says "".
Go to, you'll see an iMac that gets mirrored infinite times, if you access the site from Internet Explorer, there are Internet Explorer browsers in the image, if you open it from Safari/Firefox for Mac, you'll see Safari browsers in the image, so, by common sense, the oposite of mac is windows isn't it? so access from a Windows PC, you'll get the same effect image but with a CRT monitor instead of the iMac, also there's a little minesweeper icon, click it to download a ZIP file.
The ZIP file contains a dashboard widget (Mac only), open it and solve the minesweeper, you'll get this message: … 246af7.jpg (not an official link, just a mirror of the message).
Scorpio, Libra and Pisces are mentioned in the message, so in the DVD if you match the sign with its planet (scorpio with mars, libra with jupiter (zeus), and pisces with neptune (seas)) gives three words: seventh enchanted reflection, ergo,
Go to the page, there are 6 dices, by trial and error select the correct combination, being 6135, that's NOT the code, if you look at the dice in a mirror, what will you get? 1462, the pass for

In addition, when you enter the code on, it is required to be logged in on the main MacHeist site.